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How to disable plug-ins in Google Chrome, version previous to 6

Users may disable all installed plug-ins or uninstall them in Google Chrome version previous to 6. As a result, these plug-ins are deleted for all browsers. As far as the plug-in is insecure, its use may be harmful for any browser, therefore you should delete it without any doubt — you can reinstall it as soon as a patch is issued.

We recommend you to update your browser up to the securest version, and then choose which plug-ins to delete, use helpful features and be protected from the known threats. New version usually includes additional features and patches for detected errors.

To disable all plug-ins in Google Chrome:


Right click on Google Chrome shortcut, choose Properties.


In the Target field add to the existing text a space and type --disable-plugins, press OK.

Now the browser is started without plug-ins.